Hello! I am DƯƠNG

I am a graphic, web designer. I also love to do UI/ UX design.

Gifto: the UniversalGiftingPlatform for global creators
Web Design, Art Direction, Illustration
Metadefender new UI
UI/UX, Information Architecture
deVine Wines website
UI/UX, Information Architecture, Web Development
InteractiveTouchscreen: Storytelling of St. Roch
Exhibition Design, Interaction Design, UI/UX
WheelHouse experience: Sailing through the Arctic Ocean
UI/UX, Exhibition Design, Animation
FundIT - An internal web application for HSBC bank
UI/UX, Web Design, Web Development
Virtual Reality of a SchizophrenicWorld with OCULUSRIFT
UI/UX, Character Design, Sound Design
DNA Digital
Art Direction, Digital Art, Web Design
Cinegroup - planet auditorium web concept
Web Design, Cinematography
Samsung 900X3A sample layout
Branding, Web Design, Web Development
PappaRoti web design
Web Design
Year End Pool Party 2017
Art Direction, Graphic Design, Creative Direction
Biography Illustration
Web Design, Icon Design, Illustration
MTV Flamingo
Art Direction, Cartooning, Digital Art
Print materials
Graphic Design, Print Design, Typography
Graphic Design, Art Direction, Typography
Print materials for educational centers
Graphic Design, Print Design
4 seasons of DuoNG
Art Direction
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