The Vancouver Maritime Museum (VMM) presented the CDM team with the challenge to create 2 digital artifacts for their upcoming exhibition. Our team, comprising 8 individuals from different backgrounds, was presented with the challenge to scope the extent of the projects and ensure the delivery of one or both in a 13 week period.
After careful consideration, the team decided to build both projects:

The Wheelhouse Experience, an interactivere creation of navigating through the arctic, would be the main delivery for the VMM. To ensure timely delivery, the project would be created with a mixture of CGI and live photography.

The team's 2nd delivery is a Touchscreen Experience, aimed at museum users who were physically unable to board the St. Roch.


Amy Lee: Software developer
Carolyn Fung: Account Manager
Erick Delgado: Cinema/ Video Documentary Editor
Duong Tran: Digital Designer (Art direction, 3D junior designer)
Hyunchul Jung: Senior Animator, 3D designer
Juan Lara: Software developer/ Electrical engineer
Michael Larsen: Developer
Ryan Meech: Physical prototype maker

Our blog:

The project is nominated for 2015 Unity Award Finalists:
Best VizSim Project, Best Student Project category, and the Community Choice award

It is accepted into the 4th Annual Faculty Submitted Student Work Exhibit at SIGGRAPH 2015 in LA, California

Articles about the WheelHouse:

Take the wheel of the St. Roch in our new interactive exhibit! - The Vancouver Maritime Museum

New Technologies at the Vancouver Maritime Museum! - Canadian Heritage Information Network
Visitors steer ship through Arctic ice in Vancouver museum exhibit - National Post & The Vancouver Sun

Video done by the Centre for Digital Media

Plot created by: Erick Delgado
Storyboard done by: Duong Tran

Moodboard and research done by: Duong Tran and Hyunchul Jung
Art direction and photo manipulation
Done by: Duong Tran

Finding color theme for the simulation experience

Choosing 2 final color themes
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