Problem Statement:

“Cine Group” is in the venture into entertainment.

“Cine Group” mission is to be the leader in the cinema industry, in every aspect starting from the quality and choice of cinema to the various services offered.

“Cine Group” has traveled its own path to establish a strong presence in the entertainment industry in the short span of time since the opening of its first multiplex. With strong financial backing, “Cine Group” wants to launch its new Multiplex in heart of Kolkata.

“Cine Group” are already successfully running 6 multiplexes in 6 cities making it the only national multiplex chain – Bangalore, Darjeeling, Jaipur, Kolkata, Mumbai and Pune.
All existing “Cine Group” complexes offer an option of 3-6 auditoriums, high back seating with cup holder arm-rests, internationally designed interiors, varied food, selection of Regional, Hindi and English movies.
The Group also wants to launch a website for the new Multiplex in Kolkata. Try to make a different site than the other multiplex sites but keep the similar navigation like the other sites. The site should have creative, attractive and informative enough to earn maximum market share. Put the following navigation:
- About the Group
- Now Showing
- Coming soon
- Location with map
- Online Ticket
- Schedules
- Events
- Contests
- Contact details

Client Requirement
The final work will be done by the author. He will assemble all the media together to get the final out put using Multimedia Authoring tools.

Team Leader
The Leader verifies that every aspect of the title works correctly. An expert leader looks at every word, screen, and media effect to ensure their quality. The leader also runs the title on different hardware configuration

24/12/2010 to 24/01/2011: 1 month.

Standard plans:
- While development it must be noted that the application must be safe, stable and should be capable in handling multiple users.
- Your application must possess the following important characteristics: Transaction atomicity Consistency Integrity Durability Security Reliability Scalability Availability Testing of the application must be done after every phase. First phase is the Unit testing.
- In the second phase we need to do an integration testing of all the modules together.At the end of the project after final delivery acceptance testing has to be done with the client to figure out whether all the clients expectations are fulfilled or not.
- After Testing phase all documentation must be in place and the version is released.

Web Designer / author / scriptwriter / Programmer
- Create the web site using site making tools. Send one CD with complete site. Send one CD with all the raw files of the project. Documentation of the project (soft and hard copy). CorelDraw / Illustrator.Photoshop.Flash.Dreamweaver.
- At least one animated object should be there in the page.
- The illustrator creates the graphical parts of the title, such as the screen elements and buttons. The illustrator also prepares the drawings. Scan photographs, and animations that are specified in the storyboard.

Execution Plan:
Developing a full-fledged multimedia title involves a rich mix of skills ranging from project management and interface design to sound preparation and programming. Although multimedia tools make it possible for one person to perform every task, few people have the combination of technical, artistic, and management skills necessary to fill every role well. As a rule, multimedia titles are best developed collaboratively by teams with a range of expertise

The writer researches the content of the title, helps storyboard it, and then writes all of the text. Sometimes a content expert works with the writer and visualizer to help communicate the right information.

Writer/Content expert
The editor reviews all of the written material onscreen for interest, clarity, conciseness, and grammatical correctness. The editor also checks that the text works well with the other media. A proofreader polishes the final work.

Interface designer / Visualizer & Editor/Proofreader
The interface designer establishes a consistent design for the title by specifying what the navigation system looks like, where information and media appear onscreen, and what fonts colors, and graphical design elements to use.
Cinegroup - a new generation of cinema
Industry project at Arena Multimedia

Executed by:
Duong Tran, Hai Nguyen, Canh Nguyen
Idea originated from 6 planets in the solar system

The idea of Cinegroup color theme is based on the imaginary colors of 6 planets in our Solar System.
This idea originated from a flash image about light, color, sound and a dark huge space-the common things we usually see in a cinema.
The next thing to remember is our feelings when we finish watching movies in threatres. Usually, if we talk about a spectacular movie, we always want to see and remember its breath-taking scenes-the main factor for most of our satisfaction.
Then, we relate this flow of thought to something which is both massive and spectacular, and finally we come up with the idea of 6 cinemas represent the 6 planets.

Video done with Adobe Flash by: Duong Tran
Music: Fuzz - S.F.A
Intro: 6 auditoriums
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